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Our fleet of aircraft provides a number of cabin configurations to meet specific airline requirements. FlightService has the ability to invest in and reconfigure an aircraft to a desired layout, or even purchase specific aircraft, for specific long-term demand.


Lessee can choose to use our experienced cabin crew or their own.


FlightService will manage all line and heavy maintenance during the lease term.


FlightService will provide Insurance through leading third-party brokers.

Flightservice allows airlines to meet today's challenges and develop future opportunities

Capture Variable Demand

Take advantage of short-term spikes in demand, or seasonal cycles and events, without the airline having to commit to additional fixed costs.

network support & expansion

Explore new routes or contracts with additional aircraft, or a new aircraft type, without the long-term commitment of capital and resources.

bridge operational constraints

Utilize our capacity for seamless schedules, as the airline bridges between aircraft types, phases in or out leased aircraft, manages maintenance events or while the airline endures aircraft production delays.

wet, damp or dry leasing structures

As a vertically integrated aircraft leasing company, FlightService can match the right aircraft with a tailored leasing structure, given each airline’s unique operational requirements.